21st January 2019No Comments

The Difference Between a Template and Bespoke Website

If your website was built using WordPress, it’s likely to have been developed:

  1. From scratch as a bespoke website
  2. Using a customisable theme

Usually, the decision to use a bespoke design or customised theme boils down to budget and timeframe. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each.

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9th December 2018No Comments

Fancy Rubbish Your Website Can Do Without

When you’re building a website, how do you decide what features to include? Here are some things you should strike off your website wish list.

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20th November 2018No Comments

How Much For A Website?

If you’re a freelance web designer, you’ve probably received a vague email enquiry asking for a quote.

The email is usually short on detail, high on expectation and ends with the most beloved of questions: how much does a website cost?

It’s a common frustration for freelance web designers. But it doesn’t have to be. Let me explain.

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17th November 2018No Comments

What Is Your Website For?

If you don't sell a product on your website, is it just a vanity project?

A website is an investment. It takes time, effort, thought and money to make a website authentically reflect your business.

But if you’re a small business or freelancer and you don’t sell physical products or rely on your website to generate leads, why do you need one?

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18th October 2018No Comments

Protecting Your Freelance Work

I was recently contacted by an agency I’ve worked with on numerous projects. Their client had disappeared mid-project and had been in touch to ask about some tweaks on their new site.

Confused, the agency checked out the client’s site. The client had outsourced the completion of the work elsewhere, ripping off the design we had created. Not only this, but the client didn’t want to pay for the work as they hadn’t used it.

Without getting into the rights or wrongs of the client’s behaviour, it surprised me that the agency’s contract didn’t include clauses that protected them. The contract I use, based on Andy Clarke’s Contract Killer, has a couple of sections that would have strengthened this agency’s position.

Let’s look at the two clauses that could have prevented this happening.

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12th September 2018No Comments

Neglected Colours

If you think about it, it’s incredible to consider how many websites are entirely black and white. It’s even more startling when you put that another way: when a site only uses white, grey and black, it has no colour at all.

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15th July 2018No Comments

Is Bad Typography Making Your Website Unreadable?

I love seeing good typography on the web.

At it’s best, well-set type can make paragraphs read effortlessly, making an otherwise fairly typical design something unforgettable. At it’s worst, poor typography can make text difficult to read and create a clunky reading experience.

Find out what some of the most common web typography issues are and help to prevent them on your website.

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22nd August 2017No Comments

‘Free’ Premium WordPress Themes/Plugins – A Good Deal?

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a Facebook advert that was offering access to a range of premium WordPress themes and plugins for $10-$20 per month. Out of curiosity I followed the link and had a browse around the website. The site features an extensive database of well-known premium themes/plugins that were all included as part of the subscription packages on offer.

When you bear in mind that a premium WordPress theme license can be around $70 per website, and premium plugins are anything between $10-$100 each, what's being offered on this site sounds like a rather good deal. This is especially true for users who are building their own websites and can't pass the costs on to clients. So, is it too good to be true? Unsurprisingly, the answer is almost definitely ‘yes’.

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25th November 2016No Comments

Musician’s Guide To Twitter

As a musician living and working in the 21st century, at some point you‘re going to have to use social media to promote your music, a gig, your band, or all of these in some combination. Universities and music colleges are slowly catching up in their provision of education in these areas, but in some cases the advice on offer barely stretches to ‘use social media to promote your music’. Not helpful.

There’s lots of social media advice freely available on the web, but this can be quite vague at times and is often aimed at businesses, so it may not feel entirely relevant. So, where do you start? Here's a brief, non-exhaustive, musician’s guide to Twitter and specific tips on how to use it to promote your music in an effective way.

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23rd November 2016No Comments

Why Do You Need To Know My Web Design Budget?

What is your budget? During the initial discussions around a new project, this is often one of the first questions that a client will be asked. This can seem to be somewhat of an invasive question a first glance, but there are perfectly good reasons to be clear about this upfront.

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