14th September 2018No Comments

WordPress Sites Don’t Need Maintenance, Right?

When was the last time you had your WordPress site checked over by an expert? A couple of months ago? Longer?

Over the years, I’ve worked on over 200 WordPress sites. Many of these were in a vulnerable state. Almost all of them would have benefited from regular maintenance.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer WordPress maintenance packages. These range from covering the basics, to site owners who need more regular assistance. Just set up the required access, and I’ll take it from there.

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12th September 2018No Comments

Neglected Colours

If you think about it, it’s incredible to consider how many websites are entirely black and white. It’s even more startling when you put that another way: when a site only uses white, grey and black, it has no colour at all.

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2nd September 2018No Comments

Five Years of Freelancing: 20 Practical Tips

This week marks my five-year freelance anniversary. The time has flown, and I’ve learnt a great deal over the years. I made lots of mistakes in the beginning, but these have helped me to refine many aspects of my freelance life over the years.

To mark this milestone, here are 20 pieces of practical advice I wish I’d taken (more) heed of when I started out.

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28th August 2018No Comments

On Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. A loose term to describe a lack of confidence in one’s ability, value or position. At least that’s how I understand it.

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17th August 2018No Comments

Two Features Every WordPress Site Should Have

Every website running WordPress, or just about any other CMS for that matter, should have some security and backup system in place. Whenever I log in to a new client’s WordPress site, these are the very first things that I check.

I am continually surprised by the number of client sites I access that have no security or backup system in place.

If you’re building your first website, or having it built for you, what should be making sure is in place?

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15th August 2018No Comments

What Is Caching?

If you run a website, it’s likely that you’ll come across the terms cache or caching at some point. If you have worked with a web designer or developer, they have probably asked you to “clear your browser cache” at some point.

So what exactly is a cache and how does it affect your website?

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14th August 2018No Comments

Following Up On Payment Terms

When I published my post on payment terms last week, I wasn’t expecting it to kick up such a storm. The topic seemed to particularly resonate with the copywriter community, where large numbers of freelancers are bound to extended payment terms with clients of all sizes.

It became apparent from the various Twitter threads that many freelancers are dealing with larger companies where there is no hope of such a short turnaround time. To make matters worse, many demand long payment terms and then fail to pay on time.

This post looks at some methods freelancers can use to manage late or non-payment.

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8th August 20182 Comments

On Payment Terms

As a freelancer or small business, maintaining a positive cash flow is one of the key aspects to remaining in business.

Late payments are a killer and long payment terms are nearly as bad. What’s the alternative?

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6th August 2018No Comments

Can You Afford To Rely On Your Host’s Backup?

“If my website host offers backups, why do I need a separate backup plugin?” This is a question I’m asked frequently.

I would always recommend setting up a separate backup plugin that regularly, and automatically, backs up your WordPress site to an off-server location.

I’ve talked about the importance of backups before but let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons you shouldn’t rely on your host’s backups.

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15th July 2018No Comments

Is Bad Typography Making Your Website Unreadable?

I love seeing good typography on the web.

At it’s best, well-set type can make paragraphs read effortlessly, making an otherwise fairly typical design something unforgettable. At it’s worst, poor typography can make text difficult to read and create a clunky reading experience.

Find out what some of the most common web typography issues are and help to prevent them on your website.

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