Sometimes, all you need is a bit of advice. Consultation calls let you sort out issue without the expense of a whole new website.

Calls are priced at £99 and last for one hour.

Make better decisions

I can help you with any of the following:

  • Platforms

    What should your website be built on?

  • CSS

    Having problems with your CSS?

  • Slow websites

    Identify the main reasons that your website is slow.

  • Integrations

    Not sure if a service exists? I can make recommendations.

  • WordPress issues

    I’ve worked on hundreds of WordPress sites, use my experience to sort out your issues quickly.

  • General site issues

    Something not right with your site? I can help you think through the next best steps.

Typography reviews

How do you choose fonts that compliment your brand? Or create typography that encourages users to read your content?

Improve your website’s typography by improving your:

  • Typeface choices

    This could be type pairings or advice on choosing the right font family.

  • Accessibility

    Together, we can make your content readable.

  • Implementation

    Advice on the best ways to implement your type choices.

NB: It might not be possible to fix all issues in a single hour. When you book, please list your top priorities and if another route might be a better option, I’ll let you know.