CSS for Designers

CSS for Designers is a new self-paced course, designed to help you better understand CSS once and for all.

If you’re producing client sites with tools like Squarespace and WordPress, but spend most of your time Googling CSS issues, this course is for you.

It’s difficult to keep on top of the latest CSS techniques, especially when you’re knee-deep in client work. This course goes through the principles and covers the common gotchas, helping you spend less time on Google.

Want to improve your WordPress skills?

Looking to improve your team’s WordPress skills? Get in touch to discuss.

Later this year, I’ll be offering some workshops to help small and one-person businesses improve their websites.

The workshops will happen in London, be limited to a small number of participants and take place in during the morning or afternoon.

The first of these workshops will be an introductory course to WordPress. Perfect for anyone who is looking to move their site over to that platform or has found WordPress difficult to get to grips with.

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