How I Work

Who is Websmyth?

I’m Dave, a web designer and consultant from London. I work with individuals, small businesses and startups to create websites that enhance their brand.

I started building websites in 1999. Since turning freelance in 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of clients worldwide to improve their web presence.

I’m also a visiting lecturer at City, University of London.

I’ve worked extensively with WordPress but still enjoy coding sites from the ground up with HTML and CSS.

How I can help

If you run a small or independent business, and your website isn’t doing it for you, then we need to talk.

Clients work with me because they care about the details I care about. They want a website that’s designed with the same level of detail that they put into their business.

Set your business apart with a website that reinforces your brand rather than diminishing it.

I create distinctive websites for bold businesses. If that sounds like you, let’s chat.

What’s it like to work with me?

Before choosing a designer or developer, it’s important to understand how they work.

You can book me for week-long periods to work on your website. A week consists of anything up to 20 hours. My quotes are based on the number of weeks a project is likely to take.

Quotes depend on project specifics, but to give you some ballpark ranges:

  • 1 week: Designs for a small website, no development
2–4 weeks: Design and development of a small business website with little to no complex functionality

  • 4–8 weeks: Design and development of a site with e-commerce elements
Dave’s the man — knowledgeable, creative and great to work with. I’ve seen a significant uptick in enquiries since he redesigned my website. Highly recommended.

André Spiteri, Maverick Words

Why work in this way?

Working in this way offers benefits for both of us. For instance:

Scheduling is easier. I used to juggle several design and development projects at a time, which meant I could only provide a rough timeframe (e.g. 4–6 weeks). Now you know exactly when your website will be ready to launch.

The design and development process is more efficient. No more back and forth over several weeks, email chains or forgetting where the project is at.

Managing multiple projects previously meant jumping between work, but now my time is focused I can give your project my full attention.

Do you only work a 20-hour week?

On your project, yes. The rest of the time I set aside for:

  • Small updates and emergency work for my maintenance clients
  • Working on my business—you want me to stick around, right?
  • Developing my skills

  • Side projects (like Work Notes)
  • Admin (urgh)

If you need a quick turnaround, contact me to check my availability.

How much will it cost?

That depends on the number of weeks needed. My rate for a week is £1250.

What I need from you

Drop me a line to check my availability. I may not be available immediately, but I can tell you exactly when I can start work on your project.

You will need to be available to feedback on the work when the project starts. I might need your input on a daily basis, so it’s important to schedule the work for a time that works for you, too.

Before we start your project, I’ll need the files and content. Ranging from brand assets (logos, colour scheme, etc) to on-page content (copy, images).

I’ve listed some tips for preparing your website content. It’s worth a look.

To confirm the booking, I’ll need a deposit from you before work begins. The deposit is the fee for the first week’s work – each subsequent week is paid for before the week starts (normally after the project kicks off).

Ready to get started? Let’s chat