Why Do You Need To Know My Web Design Budget?

2 minute read

What is your budget? During the initial discussions around a new project, this is often one of the first questions that a client will be asked. This can seem to be somewhat of an invasive question a first glance, but there are perfectly good reasons to be clear about this upfront.

An established musician once told me that whenever he was ever asked to put a band together for a wedding or function, he would say, “let me know your budget and I’ll fix the best possible band for that”. The idea was that once he knew the budget, he would be able to make recommendations based on this (size and format of band, number of sets, etc). The same principle applies here – if you let your designer know your budget, they’ll be able to make budget-appropriate suggestions for your website and also advise as to whether you would need to spend your whole budget or not.

Before you engage a designer, it can be useful to come up with three lists of features you’d like on the site. The first would be absolute minimum that your site needs, the second is what your site would ideally have and the final is your list of dream features. If you can present this to your designer, along with your budget, they’ll be able to give you a reaslistic quote for each of these and let you know what is possible.

Ultimately, you would probably expect a site costing £5000 to look and function quite differently to one that cost £500. It therefore makes sense to be clear with your designer upfront about your web design budget so not only are you both on the same page, but they can make the most appropriate recommendations for your new site.

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