WordPress Security: How Did My Site Get Hacked?

Discovering your website has been hacked easily ranks as one of the least enjoyable experiences associated with running a website. Depending on the type and extent of the hack, the cleanup process can be quite lengthy and costly, but many sites can be cleaned up very quickly. Of all the questions that arise when this happens, users are often left asking:

1) How did my site get hacked?
2) Why did my site get hacked?
3) What can we do to prevent it happening again?

These three questions are often intrinsically linked and the answer depends significantly on the site’s setup and the type of attack. In this three-part guide, each of these questions will be looked at in turn. The following assumes that the site is running on Wordpress, but the principles are the same for most other popular CMSs.


SSL Certificates

SSL certificates used to be the preserve of e-commerce websites, banks and anywhere else online that needed confidential information. Nowadays they’re quickly becoming the standard for almost all websites, so what are they and why should you get one for your site?


We Need To Talk About Passwords

The news that Yahoo has suffered a hack that has potentially affected one billion user accounts should be a wake-up call to all internet users that don’t have a system in place to manage passwords. Companies such as Yahoo and Google are big targets for hackers and breaches such as this prove that no matter what cyber security resources are made available to them, no amount of security is absolutely watertight. As time goes on, it seems these huge attacks on services that provide many of our day-to-day internet facilities are only becoming more common.


Musician’s Guide To Twitter

As a musician living and working in the 21st century, at some point you‘re going to have to use social media to promote your music, a gig, your band, or all of these in some combination. Universities and music colleges are slowly catching up in their provision of education in these areas, but in some cases the advice on offer barely stretches to ‘use social media to promote your music’. Not helpful.

There’s lots of social media advice freely available on the web, but this can be quite vague at times and is often aimed at businesses, so it may not feel entirely relevant. So, where do you start? Here’s a brief, non-exhaustive, musician’s guide to Twitter and specific tips on how to use it to promote your music in an effective way.


Why Do You Need To Know My Web Design Budget?

What is your budget? During the initial discussions around a new project, this is often one of the first questions that a client will be asked. This can seem to be somewhat of an invasive question a first glance, but there are perfectly good reasons to be clear about this upfront.