Lorraine Baker

Design · Development · WordPress · 2018
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Lorraine got in touch with me on the recommendation of some other musicians I’d developed websites for. With an upcoming album launch tour coming up, she wanted her site redesigned ahead of press releases and album pre-orders.

The site needed to match several goals. Visually, the site needed to reference the album artwork with enough flexibility to support different images and future releases. It also needed to be easy to navigate for a range of users: fans and audience members would need to be able to buy the album quickly, whilst promoters and reviewers would need quick access to the information they’re looking for.

Lorraine Baker — Typography Samples

As the site’s layout is uncomplicated, getting the typography right was key and we explored many font pairings at the beginning of the project.

I wanted the site to be more than just legible, and the final choice of Karmina Sans is a perfect choice. It’s a characterful sans-serif that works beautifully at both body and display sizes, whilst being extremely easy to read.

In our initial discussions, we decided that we wanted the site to use colour to give the design some ambience and create something more memorable…in a good way! The off-white background and green highlight colour reference elements of the album design whilst being versatile enough to support future artwork.

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