QLD Honey

Design · Logo · Shopify · 2018
QLD Honey — Home

After a successful collaboration on a previous Shopify website, I was delighted to be asked to work with Drive Digital Consulting on this project. QLD Honey were looking to rebrand and create a new Shopify website, so we worked together to create this clean e-commerce store design.

The first task was to update the brand’s existing logo. Aside from the change in the product label, QLD Honey wanted the new logo to be clean and encompass the new company’s new visual identity. The aesthetic was reasonably clear from the outset so after a few logo placement and typeface iterations, the logo was finalised.

This finalised logo informed many of the design decisions we needed to make for the Shopify site design. The rounded typeface is featured throughout the site is a perfect match for the aesthetic QLD Honey were looking to achieve.

The design also features a honeycomb icon that is reused throughout the site. We found it makes the perfect separator for section titles and works well as a backdrop for blockquotes. As an added delighter, the design utilises the honeycomb for unordered list icons.

QLD Honey — Typography