WordPress Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, your WordPress website is vulnerable to a range of issues.

Lots of companies tier maintenance packages by limiting the frequency of backups and checks. I don’t believe in separating the packages out like this.

The fundamentals are the same for all of my packages and you only pay more for content updates.

If I didn’t develop your site, there may be some initial work required to check there are no existing issues, but this is something we can discuss.

To discuss your maintenance needs call +44 (0)7578431063 or email dave@websmyth.co.uk.

For now, I’m only offering maintenance to existing clients.

Option 1: Essentials

Perfect for keeping your site up-to-date, quick loading and secure. This includes manual monthly updates to your WordPress site’s core, theme and plugins.

Uptime, security, malware and performance are all monitored in the background. The site will be backed up on a daily basis and you’ll receive a weekly report on the status of your site.

Option 2: Updates

If you want to make small content changes to your site on a regular basis, this is the option for you. You get everything as explained in Option 1, plus an hour of content updates to use each month.

This can be used for anything: perhaps a couple of blog posts or content tweaks.

Option 3: Search Engine Monitoring

If you want to keep track of your website’s performance in search engine results, this option is your best bet. On top of the core updates and monitoring, I’ll monitor your site’s performance against up to 100 keywords.

The package also includes two hours of content updates to your site. This will allow you to keep your site full of search engine friendly blog posts and make other small tweaks along the way.