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A site to be proud of

Many business’ websites don’t positively reflect the quality of the products and services on offer.

Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way for your business.

Today, anyone can knock together their own website. This is good news for bootstrapped businesses who need to get online quickly.

If that describes your competitors, this is even better news for you. There’s a great opportunity for your website to stand out from the crowd.

I can help you do that

How I can help

I help businesses succeed by creating websites that distinguish them from their competitors.

I understand that creating and maintaining a website can be a frustrating experience. I work with my clients to make sure their website:

  1. Strengthens their brand, rather than diminishing it
  2. Puts customer’s needs first
  3. Is easy to maintain

We’ll work together closely to set the project goals and I’ll recommend the best route forward.

Let’s work together


It’s impossible to put a number on a project we haven’t discussed, but that doesn’t help you if you’re trying to decide if we might be a good fit.

I want to be as transparent as possible, so here’s a deal: I’ll tell you what my average rates are, but don’t hold me to them!

Small business website: £4,500+
E-commerce website: £6,000+

That sounds good, let’s chat

I’ve seen a significant uptick in enquiries since Dave redesigned my website.

André Spiteri, Maverick Words

What’s your process?

Like many designers, my process is split into a few steps. The Four D’s: Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment.

This is a critical step in the process as it informs all of the future decisions we’ll make. I’ll ask you lots of questions about your business: the answers to these will help us set the project goals.

Using the information we gathered in the Discovery phase, I’ll start to work on the design of your site. The design will take into account your users, the project goals and your branding.

We’ll be in regular contact during this phase and you’ll have the opportunity to feedback on each step of the design.

Once the design is agreed, they’ll be developed around the content management system we’ve decided to use. This is likely to be WordPress, Statamic or Shopify.

After the development has been completed, your new site will be tested in various browsers and optimised so it loads in record time. When we’re happy, it will be ready to launch!

Let’s work together

Not ready?

Commissioning a website isn’t something that should be taken lightly. If you’re looking for advice about your existing site, consider a consultation call to highlight areas for improvement.

If you’re already comparing designers/developers, it’s important you know as much as possible about what each provider is offering. Otherwise it’s impossible to compare them in a useful way.

I’ve prepared a list of 15 questions you should definitely ask prospective designers.

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