Opera dei Lumi

Design / Statamic Development / Strategy

The Problem

Opera dei Lumi needed to update their website to better reflect the group’s identity and tell the ensemble’s story.

Their performance schedule focuses around a few key dates each year and they have various fundraising goals. The new site needed to be able to promote upcoming performances while being flexible enough to handle periods where there are no upcoming concerts.

Beyond this, the site needed areas to talk about key performers and encourage donations.

The Approach

One of the key challenges for this project was developing a site that could draw attention to upcoming events without that becoming the site’s sole focus. The site also required an archive of previous events.

We created a flexible custom event calendar in Statamic that gives upcoming events more visual prominence and allows for more detail in the event’s description.

The other key section of the site is the various options for followers to support the group’s fundraising activities. This section of the site tells the story of various appeals without being a hard-sell.

Dave offered excellent advice and guidance throughout without ever forcing me in a particular direction.

— Peter Keenan

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