Neglected Colours

September 12th, 2018

If you think about it, it’s incredible to consider how many websites are entirely black and white. It’s even more startling when you put that another way: when a site only uses white, grey and black, it has no colour at all.

There’s nothing wrong with that per se, and I know many sites are only predominantly black and white, often featuring a highlight colour. I’ve designed plenty of sites along these lines. It’s partly a result of fashion, design choices and the fact that it’s such a solid design combination.

That said, I still wish the web was a little more colourful. There are lots of sites out there that use a wide colour palette to create brilliantly vibrant areas of the internet. I’d love these to be more representative of the web as a whole.

This isn’t about using colour for colour’s sake, and it’s not just about setting a mood. Subtle use of colour can lift a design, make the copy beautiful to read and create a memorable browsing experience for the user. And when I say ‘memorable’, I’m thinking more Typewolf than

I suspect there are plenty of reasons that the web isn’t more colourful and they’re likely not to be the fault of the designer. Perhaps a lack of budget for design time or conservative choices by key stakeholders are to blame.

Whatever the reason, it seems a shame to me that despite having millions of colours available to use, so much of the web is black and white.